Sustainable mtb clothing made in europe by artisans

Advanced Natural Apparel

Sustainable Mountain Bike Clothing made in Europe by Artisans



The apparel industry is moving more and more towards fast fashion.
You are no longer allowed to love what you own. You are only authorised to love what you will purchase next.
Creating clothing this fast means sacrificing quality, work conditions and the planet.
We won't do this.
We believe every rider should be wearing high-quality clothes that will stand the test of time.
Our artisans locally make sustainable MTB clothing that will last.
So that you can love, customise and repair your favourite apparel instead of throwing it out, after only a few rides, on the ever-growing garbage pile.

Advanced Naturel Apparel

Sustainable and Sewn by Artisans

Mountain bikers are close to nature.
The forests and mountains welcome us and share their energy with us. We use their trails or build our own. We coexist. We depend on each other.
Unfortunately, our relationship with nature has become increasingly imbalanced. Some take much more than needed.
We decided not to be a part of the problem any longer.
We decided to be a part of the solution.
For us, the first step was to move to local sourcing and manufacturing, using natural fibres, sewing on demand and making our MTB clothing repair friendly.
Our artisan sewing department is now only 15km from our headquarters, so we support local people and businesses.
We blend natural fibres with high-tech fibres for our mountain bike clothing to improve performance on the bike and reduce the impact on our planet.
We sew on demand and release limited editions of our creations. This keeps stock levels low and reduces leftovers and waste.
You might have to wait for your favourite MTB apparel a little longer, but we believe this extra effort is worth it to protect our forests.
With your help, we will continue to do our part to restore the imbalance with nature, one step or pedal stroke at a time.

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Short Sleeve MTB Jersey | Valcariz Epicea
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