A Community of Riders

When our tyres touched the dirt for the first time, we fell in love; riding through nature without noise and stumbling upon wildlife will always make us smile. Unfortunately, the forests we love so much are relentlessly being assaulted.

It's up to us to protect them.

Us Mountain Bikers are eco-conscious and need honest, sustainable brands for our apparel.

We believe our community of gravity-loving riders will positively impact the forests' protection by reducing our carbon and litteral footprint in nature.

We sustainably create Valcariz mountain bike clothing to last.
Abuse and repair if necessary, then resell or give it away when done.

Keep your favourite gear alive!

gravity culture definitionGravity Culture definition


Gravity Culture

A way of life built by a community that cares about pushing limits, building trails and protecting the forests.

this is us


A Rider Owned and Operated Company located in Liège, Belgium.

We create innovative Mountain Bike Clothing by blending natural and high-tech fibres.

Our manufacturing is much less harmful to our planet by doing so.

Our apparel will last through hardship on the trails, and it will stand the test of time against fast fashion.


Founder Valcariz