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A Rider Owned and Operated Company located in Liège, Belgium.

Where does our name come from?

The name needed to be unique for a project I was this passionate about. It's a tribute to the most important things in life: family and love.
VAL-CAR-IZ is the abbreviation of the name of my son.
It's a reminder that Valcariz needs to be a brand that takes a stand, so the next generation of riders still has beautiful forests to ride in.

Why Protectors of Forests?

Because we need to be! Forests are essential not only to our riding but to life in general. And as Mountain Bikers, we are very well placed to see the damage humans can do. The amount of trash people throw away in the woods is just incredible. Walk around for an hour with a trash bag, and you will be amazed at how full it is when you are done picking up litter.

What does Valcariz do about it?

We manufacture and source our fabrics locally and ethically to reduce carbon emissions and support local businesses and families.

We use natural organic fabrics or natural fabric blends to reduce our garments' overall impact.

We pick up trash! We go out in the forests and spend time picking up litter.

Claude Carpaij

Founder Valcariz

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Gravity Culture

A way of life built by a community that cares about pushing limits, building trails and protecting the forests.

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