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Manufacturing Advanced Natural Apparel | VALCARIZ

We sew our MTB clothing in the city centre of Liège, only 15 km away from our headquarters. Communication improves a lot with this proximity. When we create new garment pieces, prototypes can quickly be made and altered without sending samples and ideas halfway around the world. And of course, being located in the city centre makes it a more accessible option to travel sustainably to their work for our sewing staff, either by public transportation or human power for those who live nearby.
We select our fabric suppliers with care: quality, sustainable practices and location are our main criteria. We must create clothes with the future in mind, especially high-quality technical pieces like Mountain Bike Apparel. Durability on and off the bike, timeless looks, and rider protection is essential. Only the best quality fabrics are used to manufacture our mountain bike clothing range.

Picture of local sustainable manufacturing of MTB Clothing in EuropePicture of local sustainable manufacturing of MTB Clothing in Europe


Sewn in Liège, Belgium

All our apparel is sewn in Liège.
It was most important to have high-quality local sewing of our clothing. We reduce the impact of our garments significantly by making sure they don't travel halfway around the globe before we send them out to you. We can also make quick changes and sew on demand to reduce our waste and impact.

sustainable mountain bike clothing fabricsustainable mountain bike clothing fabric

Sustainable - Durable

Fabric Mills

We choose our European fabric mills for the quality of their fabrics. Almost all our fabrics come from IBQ in Spain and Tintex in Portugal. Tintex specialises in sustainable knits and IBQ in high tech woven fabrics made with reinforced fibres and natural fibres.