Mountain Bike Water Bottle
Mountain Bike Water Bottle


Mountain Bike Water Bottle

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We think everyone should have a kickass water bottle on his bike which looks as good as it performs.
Most of us love the way our bikes look, and adding a fantastic looking and performing lightweight water bottle would be the final touch.
Make sure you are always hydrated so you can attack the trails!

As with all our products, we make the bottles locally: a Belgian artist designed the graphics, and Zéfal manufactures them in France.
Our bike bottles only weigh 79gr and have a double closure system with a comfortable silicon push to make them entirely water-tight and regulate the water flow when you drink.
Your 650ml of water will remain odourless, clean and pure, thanks to the specific polypropylene material we use for our MTB bottles.

Our bottles are one hundred per cent recyclable, and by drinking from a reusable water bottle, you will reduce your environmental footprint.
When possible, use tap water rather than bottled water to reduce your impact on our planet further.



The apparel industry is moving more and more towards fast fashion.
You are no longer allowed to love what you own. You are only allowed to love what you will purchase next.
Creating clothing this fast means sacrificing quality, work conditions and the planet.
We won't do this.
We believe every rider should be wearing high-quality clothes that will stand the test of time.
Our artisans locally make sustainable MTB clothing that will last.
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