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Where to ride mountain bikes in Belgium?

We love riding our bikes, exploring new trails, and goofing around with our friends. It's always so exciting to go all out on a flow trail or to hold on for dear life on a steep, gnarly and rock infested trail for the first time.

So if you are anything like us, and we bet you are, this year has been fantastic in Belgium! After years of hard work, a dedicated group of trail builders and trail advocates has been able to open up the first official trail centres in Belgium. 

And the best news of it all? They are a treat to ride. 

Now, Belgium has 4 Trail Centres, 1 Bike Park, and 1 Private Trail Centre: 


Where to ride Enduro and Trail mountain bikes in Belgium? 

Trail Riding Company in Houffalize.

Located on private property, the Trail Riding Company occasionally opens its trails to the public. These events, limited in number, require prior registration. The trails offer a variety of experiences, from smooth and flowy to more challenging sections with roots, rocks, and jumps, catering to different skill levels.

They recently opened up some new lines for their latest Open Session and they were a treat. Short, but fun freeride lines with some drops and tech. 

The atmosphere is always lively, thanks to the enthusiastic crew and riders. For information on their open sessions, it's recommended to check their Facebook page.

Check out their Facebook page to see when they have open sessions: 

Trail riding company Houffalize

MTB Trails Spa in Spa.

Spa, renowned for its healing waters, wellness center, and casino, also holds the distinction of being the first official trail center in Belgium. Located on the northern hillside of the city, the MTB Trails Spa feature seven distinct trails, each designed to offer a unique riding experience.

These trails include:

1. SP1 "La Lolo": An intermediate trail spanning 900 meters with a 95-meter negative elevation and a 10% average slope.
2. SP2 "Tom & Jerry": Also intermediate, it stretches 500 meters with a 90-meter negative elevation and an 18% average slope.
3. SP3 "La Déchainée": This harder trail is 400 meters long, with an 85-meter negative elevation and a 21% average slope.
4. SP4 "La Poudingue": A very hard trail, 500 meters in length, featuring a 95-meter negative elevation and a 19% average slope.
5. SP5 "La B52": Classified as hard, it measures 500 meters with a 100-meter negative elevation and a 20% average slope.
6. SP6 "L’Ardennes Rocks": Another very hard trail, also 500 meters long, with a 100-meter negative elevation and a 20% average slope.
7. SP7 "La Duchesse": A hard trail, it stretches 550 meters with a 110-meter negative elevation and a 22% average slope.

The trails are designed for mountain bikers of various skill levels, from beginners to experienced riders, offering a mix of fun, fluidity, and technical challenges. They are thoughtfully crafted to maximize natural terrain features, ensuring both technicality and enjoyment.

Moreover, the MTB Trails Spa is a result of the concerted efforts of the non-profit organization, founded in 2010 to create a permanent enduro course. The team behind these trails comprises enthusiasts dedicated to building quality trails, emphasizing safety and eco-responsibility.

For convenience, there's a bike shop, Ardennes Bikes, located at the bottom of the trails to assist with any mechanical issues. The proximity of the city center also allows visitors to enjoy various local specialties and rehydration options post-ride.

The MTB Trails Spa team actively maintains the trails, ensuring they remain in excellent condition for riders. For more detailed information, visit their website and check out their concept page for insights into their unique approach to trail design and maintenance. 

Trails Centre Amblève.

Situated near the city of Remouchamp, 20 minutes south of Liège, you can find the most technical trails in Belgium at trail centre Amblève.

Every year the crew at Amblève Enduro Team organize what is known as the most technical and intense enduro race in Belgium, and now they have opened their trails to the public year-round with their brand new trail centre. Ranging from blue to black, from flow to very technical riding, this trail centre doesn’t leave much desired even for the most seasoned enduro riders. Make sure to pace yourself when going down one of the black trails for the first time since you need some solid skills to master them. 

The Ambleve Enduro Team is working hard to give us these excellent trails, and you can find more about their tracks and race here: 

Trail centre Amblève Endurot VTT

Endurourthe Trail Centre Esneux/Anthines. 


Freshly opened, the trail centre in Anthisnes/Esneux by Endurourthe will take you on a 32km lap with 1000m of descents on 10 different trails.

Ranging from green to black, riders of all levels will have fun here!

Ardenne Bike Trails in Bouillon.

Bouillon is situated in the south of Belgium and is well known for its Castle, Lookout tower (providing a stunning view of the valley), and its downhill mountain bike track.

They also have a full-blown trail centre with some of the best trails around. A dedicated crew of builders maintains the trail centre year-round. 

You can find more information here: 


Where to Ride a Bike Park in Belgium? 

There is only one for the moment, but it is a great one: Bike Park Ferme Libert in Malmedy.

Home to some of the biggest jumps on the planet, Bike Park Ferme Libert hosts Nico Vink’s Fest sessions once a year. The Fest sessions are a truly unique event where the best riders of the world not only come to jump the biggest set of jumps in the world but also trick them... It is an event everyone should at least attend once to comprehend the size of the jumps!

For the rest of the year, we can enjoy a selection of jump trails, high-speed flow trails and some rowdy downhill trails complete with a big road gap in the woods. There is more than enough for everyone to enjoy and push their limits on the bike here. 

To learn more about Bike Park Ferme Libert: 

Bike Park Ferme Libert Malmedy Fest Sessions Fest Series

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